Under Armour SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

under armour swot analysis

A young lad from Maryland, founded Under Armour in his grandmother’s basement. Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour, perfected the way of making t-shirts from microfiber, and that took the market by a storm. Since then, the brand has kept going, and now, Under…

Coca Cola SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

coca cola swot analysis

Evolving from medicine to Soft Drink, Coca-Cola was born. A miracle by Atlanta pharmacist John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola is now sold more than a billion each day worldwide. The strengths and the opportunities of the company made that happen. Today, we are going to see…

Twitter SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

twitter swot analysis

During a brainstorming session in 2006, Jack Dorsey presented a new idea to the board members of Odeo. The plan included SMS services to communicate within a small group. The service started as Twttr, and then after six months, they changed the name to Twitter….

Peloton SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

peloton swot analysis

Founded a decade ago, Peloton is an exercise equipment manufacturing company that believes fitness is a key to better health. With this in mind, the company sells stationary bikes and treadmills that can keep anyone active and in good shape. Peloton’s concept is clear –…

Costco SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

costco swot analysis

Costco is a huge American Multinational Corporation specializing in a minimal-cost, membership-only network of retail stores. It is one of the world’s top retailing brands, ranking second only to Walmart. James Sinegal and Jeffrey H. Brotman created Costco Wholesale Corporation in 1983. According to statista.com,…

Disney SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

disney swot analysis

The Walt Disney Company is a household name in the Entertainment, Resort, and Amusement park industry. It was founded in 1923 and is a multibillion-dollar American media giant headquartered in California. Walt Disney founded the Disney Brothers’ Cartoon Studio with the assistance of his son…

Dunkin Donuts SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

dunkin donuts swot analysis

In 1948, a new shop opened, named “Open Kettle.” The shop sold donuts for five cents and coffee for ten cents. Things were going well, but the founder William Rosenberg thought for a change. A new name came to him after a deep conversation with…

Microsoft SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

microsoft swot analysis

In 1975, two friends decided to start a company. Little did they know that the company would be the second-largest company in the world. The project Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is the largest software maker in the entire world. Here, we will do…

H&M SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

h&m swot analysis

The Hennes & Mauritz, widely known as the H&M group, is a Swedish corporation founded in 1947 specializing in designing and selling clothing and accessories. The company operates in around 60 countries and has a strong internet presence. H&M is the world’s second-largest apparel shop,…

Etsy SWOT Analysis 2022: A Detailed Report!

etsy swot analysis

Etsy is an American company that mainly focuses on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. It was founded on June 18, 2005. Its headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York. This site follows the tradition of open craft supplies and tools. An Etsy SWOT analysis…