Ford SWOT Analysis: A Driven and Detailed Report

ford swot analysis

The car brand industry has been competitive for generations, and Ford Motor Company has led the top brands. Whether it’s BMW or Tesla, a Ford SWOT analysis will help us analyze what keeps the automobile brand so successful.

One of the pioneers of modern cars, Henry Ford, founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903. For the past 100 years, the same family has been in charge of the business. Ford’s most prominent car was the Model T, mass-produced for around 20 years. With this model, Henry Ford first introduced the famous business concept “The Production Concept,” which is still practiced today.

Today, Ford Motor Company is one of the largest car manufacturers, and we will learn what played a significant role in this success. Let’s take a look at the Ford SWOT analysis to get a better handle on the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Ford Motor Company: At A Glance

Company NameFord Motor Company
FoundedJune 16, 1903
FoundersHenry Ford
CEOJim Farley
HeadquarterDearborn, Michigan, U.S.
Annual Revenue$136.3 Billion (FY 2021)

Ford SWOT Analysis

Strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats are undeniably essential factors of a company. Hence, to understand these elements comprehensively, a Ford SWOT analysis is made so that decisions can be taken properly. SWOT analysis can prove to be highly valued in the success of a business. The same goes for Ford. A SWOT analysis is necessary if the management is interested in making a decision. Today, we will look at the Ford SWOT analysis.

Ford Strengths in SWOT Analysis

strengths of ford

Strengths consist of skills, traits, and elements of a business that positively impact the company. This includes the skill of the man working, innovation, market presence, and other vital factors. As one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Ford sure does have a lot of strengths. Today, in the Ford SWOT analysis, we will discuss a few.

Massive Market Share: Ford is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. Also, it stands as the largest automobile company in the US, ahead of General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen. In the last quarter of 2021, Ford’s number of vehicles sold increased by 504,100, and its market share was 15.45%. Regarding the global market, Ford is the 8th largest car manufacturer with 3,942,755 sales!

Expert in the Automobile Industry: Ford is an experienced vehicle maker. The company was incorporated in 1903 and has been making cars ever since. With over 100 years of car-making experience, the company is an expert in this field. What Ford has excelled in over the years is the economies of scale. Due to this, Ford’s cars are affordable and of great value, as they are produced at a lower cost. Additionally, assemblies on moving lines and belt conveyors were first introduced by Ford.

Global Brand Recognition: Another considerable strength of Ford is that everyone knows about it. For any kind of utility work, you will see a Ford pickup in use, Their cars are highly reliable and the marketing team has done a great job at making the brand a global sensation. Ford’s brand value is over $13 billion. A ranking published by Kantar ranks Ford as the 57th most valuable US brand in 2019.

Ford SWOT Analysis Weaknesses

weaknesses of ford

No company excels at everything. There will always be something that a company is facing problems and needs improvement. Those are weaknesses. Just like strengths, weaknesses are also innate features of a company, and the company needs to deal with these internally. The following section of the Ford SWOT analysis discusses the weaknesses broadly.

Lacking Production Capabilities: Ford is one of the largest car manufacturers and supposedly has an extensive production capability. However, compared to Toyota and Volkswagen, the number is relatively minor. In 2020, Ford assembled around 1.7 million cars. In addition to being extremely impressive, the number was almost 200,000 more than in 2019. But if you check the stats of Toyota and Volkswagen, the number is mere in comparison. Toyota will produce nearly 10 million cars in 2020. The number is 8.9 million for Volkswagen.

Bad Reputation: Despite their dominance in the car industry, Ford is also known for backlashes and inadequate reparations. Most of the concerns are for the reliability of the cars that Ford produces. The repute saw a further decline after the recall of more than 100,000 SUVs and trucks due to defects. Ford vehicles also had transmission issues which caused more than 6000 accidents and many deaths. Hence, the company is always considered to be unreliable.

Emerging Market Uncaptured: If you check Ford’s market share, you will notice the company is excelling in the US and the European markets. When it comes to the Asian market, the company is yet to make a cut. Asia (mainly China and India), an emerging market, is very lucrative for car manufacturers, and Ford was very late to it. Ford never managed to become a significant player in the Indian market.

Opportunities for Ford in SWOT Analysis

opportunities for ford

Just like internal elements impact a company’s success, the external environment has to. The possibilities from the external environment that can positively impact the company are known as opportunities. These changes can bring a significant change in the performance and success of a company. Speaking of options, Ford does have a lot of them. Today, in Ford SWOT Analysis, we will discuss some.

Electric Vehicles: Over the years, more people are getting electric cars. These eco-friendly vehicles are spreading rapidly. This can be a massive opportunity for Ford to bring electric vehicles to their offering. Ford has already taken the chance and released the excellent F-150 Lighting, the electric version of their most beloved truck, the F-150. Ford has released other electric vehicles too.

Reliability Checked: Ford has always been notorious for its reliability. It only has a 3.5 rating out of 5 in reliability. This is where they need considerable improvement. Therefore, making their products even more modern and effective, and with a high-performing quality check, it can ensure that their products are reliable.

Capture the Emerging Market: Despite failures, Ford can still try to exploit emerging markets. The car demand in India and China is massive, and if they can penetrate these markets, they will generate enormous revenue. Truck demand in Vietnam in 2022 saw a decent growth of 7.43%. Ford can easily exploit this market with their high-performing trucks.

Ford SWOT Analysis Threats

threats for ford

The external environment is not always friendly, and some of its elements can be pretty challenging too. Anything outside of a company negatively impacting a business can be considered a threat. Threats are a part of the microenvironment of a business. Every company faces threats, and so does Ford. In the next section of the Ford SWOT Analysis, we will look at some.

Never-Ending Competition: Global business is always filled with competitors, but car industry competition is on a new level. The top dogs are everywhere, and any company can be thrown out of the market anytime. Ford doesn’t only compete with Toyota and Volkswagen. The company competes with BMW, Daimler, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, and General Motors. Additionally, Tesla‘s growth has made it a massive threat to Ford.

Increase in Fuel Prices: Over the last few months, gas prices have reached a new level. The price has increased enormously since the start of this year due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Frustratingly, the prices kept growing. Due to the hike, people’s lifestyles and abilities have been poorly affected, according to the New York Times. This is a massive blow for car manufacturers like Ford, as people are leaning towards alternative options.

Dependence on Suppliers: Ford has a tendency to depend on its suppliers. This can lead to a challenging situation for the company. For example, one of Ford’s biggest suppliers, Meridian Magnesium, experienced a factory explosion. Because of this, Ford had to stop the production of the F-150, Ford’s one of the most famous pickup trucks. Therefore, over-dependence on a single supplier can be rather detrimental for Ford. An ideal solution is to look for alternatives.

Ford SWOT Analysis Overview Template

ford swot analysis overview template

Ford SWOT Analysis Conclusion and Recommendations

To ensure Ford’s sustainability, experts recommend the following measures:

  • Ensure high reliability of products by reducing defective production drastically.
  • Get to the emerging market as soon as possible as the is a huge car demand.
  • With comprehensive research and innovation, they produce more electric cars to comply with the dynamic demand of the customers.
  • Avoid depending on a single supplier and always keep alternatives for uncertain situations.
  • Increase production capacity to compete with Toyota, Volkswagen, and General Motors.

From Model T to Ford F-150 Lighting, Ford has revolutionized the card manufacturing industry. They are the first to introduce the production concept to the world, and their economies of scale have always been a subject of study. The company has always made a significant mark in the industry, and there is no sign that it will stop soon.

FAQs – Ford Motor Company SWOT Analysis

What are Ford’s biggest weaknesses?

Ford’s main weaknesses include a dependency on the North American market, struggles with overseas profitability, and lagging behind in electric vehicle (EV) development compared to some competitors.

What are the threats to Ford?

Threats to Ford encompass increasing competition in the EV market, volatile raw material prices, stringent emission regulations, and geopolitical tensions affecting global operations.

What is the SWOT analysis of a car company?

A SWOT analysis of a car company evaluates its Strengths (e.g., brand reputation), Weaknesses (e.g., production costs), Opportunities (e.g., expansion into EVs), and Threats (e.g., new competitors or regulatory challenges). This provides insights into the company’s position and potential strategies.

Yet, the weaknesses and threats are there, and proper steps are inevitable to ensure these don’t damage the company’s success. Hence, a Ford SWOT analysis is essential to make an effective decision on how it can sustain itself in the long run. In today’s analysis, we tried to cover all the main elements of a proper SWOT analysis. We believe this can be an insightful resource for Ford’s long-lasting decisions.

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